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Portrait photographer, Kabul, Afghanistan.

A small but industrious group of photographers have worked the streets of Kabul for decades. Using simple box cameras, they have captured husbands going to war and sons about to come of age or be married. In McCurry’s portrait, the man’s studio is actually the cubicle in which he sits. After the picture is taken, the negative is developed in the small bowl at his feet.

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A Modern Hair Study by Tara Bogart

This might be my favorite post on tumblr.



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Jaime Hernandez

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  1. replace “someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed” with "wow someone really fucked your dad"
  2. replace “wow you really shat the bed” or “you really messed this one up” with “wow you really fucked the dad on this one”
  3. instead of “i’m so hammered!!!!” say “i’m fucking the dad!!!!!!”


Dita von Teese morning


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