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some shib i’ve been doing lately. i just updated my photo blob so check it. 

for my diabetic followers

design work by the niemster.

passing through (2012)

in the hedges (2012)

reported (2012)

i still feel like i’m in this artistic slump. i should probably just go out with my camera alone and see what i come home with. gotta have that soul searching time.

I took a photo for the Libyan Suite, or as I like to call these boys the Libyan Sweeties. No faces in front of Peach Bottom nuclear power plant.


The Self Series

the self

first of five self portraits.

one more of vera from our last days of summer fun <3

okay, so this is a W.I.P. i need ‘bout ten more feet of ribbon, about an inch and a half thicker. and the antlers need to be adjusted. BUT ange insisted i post this because “it’s a good start”. fine ange. but also i should because that babe vera is eighteen, legal and ready to ming-all. so without further ado…